Research and Experience Delivery (RED) is a social-purpose business that uses innovative ways to facilitate connections, conversations and collaborations between academics and practitioners, so they can share ideas and solve problems in new ways. RED aims to change the culture of science through conversation and promote the symbiotic relationship between theory and practice: theory informing practice informing theory informing practice...

The Idea Behind RED

RED was created when a graduate student researcher and a health care practitioner realized the full potential of connecting academics and practitioners. By connecting these two groups, more consistent and effective health care delivery was a likely outcome.

There is a well-known and accepted communication gap between researchers and practitioners, but this problem is not unique to the field of health care. We want to close this chasm in health care and work towards this same goal in other fields of research and practice.

Why the parrot?

When an African grey parrot is faced with a problem, it coordinates, cooperates and collaborates with a partners to solve it. Each parrot displays flexible strategies to find a solution to the problem and contributes to the task in a different, but complementary, way.

RED saw this collaborative problem-solving potential in researchers and practitioners, but realized they were lacking an open space to connect. RED is a platform on which more conversation and knowledge transfer between academics and practitioners can occur.

To find out more about the amazing African grey parrot, see parrots choose to work together and cooperative problem solving in African grey parrots.